The original research for the DBA dissertation is based on the author's previous investigation within the literature concerning the topic of 'social media', showing that there seems to be a great need particularly for SMEs to implement 'social media'. How do companies decide whether to use social media if the management possibly lacks the expertise or capability? The attention for the underlying literature framework is focused on the management, as the hub linked with the topics of 'Mittelstand in Germany', 'social media' and 'decision-making'. The research aims to provide a deeper understanding concerning how management in German 'Mittelstand' today is influenced when deciding whether to use social media. This paper presents preliminary results of the aforementioned research, namely an investigation concerning the promoted business literature of 2016 in Germany's largest networking website for business professionals, XING.Articles under investigation are concerned with the topics 'Mittelstand' and/or 'social media' ('digitisation').