The rise of Metaverse platforms is transforming the landscape of the workplace. Workrooms from Meta and AltspaceVR by Microsoft stand out as two leading virtual reality platforms designed to enhance collaboration, meetings, and social interaction within the Metaverse. These platforms are set apart from traditional tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams by their immersive environments, aiming to redefine remote connectivity. Metaverse platforms could make even mundane tasks less effortless with the novel forms of engrossing telepresence. However, while they offer unparalleled opportunities for engagement and interaction, there's potential for these platforms to introduce new challenges in managing workloads. Yet, the effectiveness of these virtual workplaces as tools for immersive remote collaboration remains under-explored. In this PDS, we are interested in identifying the research opportunities in metaverse platforms for teamwork and collaboration. For example, Is it necessary, or even beneficial, for all teamwork tasks to be performed within a Metaverse context? Whether these metaverse platforms either increase or decrease the difficulties of carrying out everyday teamwork and collaboration tasks.