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The proliferation of Internet and technologies contributes to the development of global business market and competition further leads to innovative business models. Inevitably, the business school education has been influenced by the dramatic change of business environment and it is necessary to change in order to survive. In light of the changing business environment, business school education has to adjust the educational curriculum design and context to ensure the best practice for graduates. It particular, there is a great demand in the B2B cross-border e-commerce talents in industry. Cross-border electronic commerce also affected the small and medium business in Taiwan. It is critical to cultivate university students the updated cross-border EC skills and knowledge to be able to work in the job market. Therefore, the objective of this research intends to examine the participants’ learning effects and engagement in a gamification design cross-border EC competition. This paper conducts survey research to collect participants’ experiences and feedbacks in the national-wide cross-border B2B electronic commerce competition at business schools. The participants are university students who had participated in the national competition of B2B cross-broader EC. The expected contributions are as following. First, the motivation and effective engagement in the gamification design cross-border EC competition will fill the research gap in gamification research field. Second, the gamification design cross-border EC competition will help the B2B cross-border EC platform and small and medium business in the platform design and business practice. Keywords: Cross-border Electronic Commerce, Engagement, Education and Application Mismatch, Gamification design, Business School Education Acknowledgement: This research thanks the partial support from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan under research grant #MOST108-2511-H-017-002-MY2.

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