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Digital initiatives are strategic imperatives for organizations in almost every industry. The pandemic has accelerated the pace of these initiatives, even in industries that have traditionally been slow adopters of digital technologies, such as education, government, and healthcare. But many organizations are struggling to realize value from their digital initiatives. There are several contributing factors, including lack of resources, under-estimation of the impact on the organization‘s culture, people, and workflows, and technology “debt” associated with legacy technologies and information systems. This is the environment that will face IS students who will eventually take on roles in helping organizations harness digital technologies. What can organizations do to realize more value from their digital initiatives? What can be done to better prepare IS students to be valuable resources on digital initiatives? The session will share ideas from ongoing research into a key business function at the intersection of business and digital technology: Digital product management (DPM). Topics will include the opportunities and challenges of digital product management, the relationship of digital product management to existing disciplines such as design thinking and IT project management, and how IS academic programs can help prepare students for digital product management roles that organizations have struggled to fill. The session will be interactive and pragmatic, so attendees can share their practices and provide feedback.

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