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As an offshoot of sharing economy, ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft have been introduced. The emerge of ridesharing apps has disrupted the traditional markets, individuals, regulations, and social norms and beliefs. This disruption has been also expanded into IT use theories. For example, although ridesharing apps have achieved incredible growth and success, there are many campaigns against ridesharing apps that are organized by drivers. This implies that while driver satisfaction is low with ridesharing apps, they still continue providing their services via these apps. This is inconsistent with predictions from the extant theories. The reason behind this inexplicable behavior could be that, in ridesharing apps, how driver beliefs and attitudes formed and value experienced is fundamentally changed as more parties are involved. Thus, this study addresses this issue by refining IT usage theory by adopting a mixed-methods approach. We found that ridesharing apps are experienced within the triadic-experience; peer-to-peer interaction, and peer-to-app interaction rather than only user-to-app interaction as in the conventional technologies (which based on it, IT use theory is built in previous research). Consequently, the research model is developed to investigate the influencing factors of peer-to-peer interaction, and of peer-to-app interaction on the intention to use ridesharing apps. An online survey of 420 ridesharing drivers provided support that several factors of the two-sided experience have an influence on the behavioral beliefs and attitudes (performance and effort expectancies and satisfaction) which subsequently determine their behavioral intention towards continued use of ridesharing apps. Grounded in our findings, major implications for practice and theory will be discussed.

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