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Many global corporations have gone through enormous changes in response to dynamic economic events with bordering on cataclysmic environments these days. Several global corporations have encountered various changes, such as the progress of new technologies, globalization, shifts in customer needs, and new business models. Significant changes in cutting-edge IT technology owing to recent developments in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Mobile IT and Digitalization in particular, have emerged as new trends in information technology. Thus, Digital Transformation should be necessary for shifting to the above Digital IT environments aligned with digital IT strategy, however, for the purpose of coping with the above diversity and complexities in such global societies, existing leadership skillsets need to be modified and extended to new global leadership skills’ definitions that should be asked to drive the digital transformation as well, further. In this research, we propose the desirable leadership skills and behaviors that can lead the Digital Transformation initiatives to proceed with digital IT strategies in global enterprises. This research aims to exemplify the necessary leadership behaviors in global companies in the healthcare, manufacturing, and robotics industries for advancing digital transformation initiatives based on case studies of current digital transformation. The authors look into these case studies in global enterprises, where they formed and proceeded with the digital transformation initiatives, while verifying the aforementioned desirable Leadership skills and behaviors for digital transformation initiatives in global enterprises in comparison with existing leadership skills’ definitions and clarifying the effectiveness and necessary tasks of the desirable Leadership behaviors there, as well. Moreover, since last year, the COVID19 virus has spread in every region and has become a major problem in the world by increasing the demand for digitalization. Therefore, the digital transformation initiatives should be mandatory as all companies are forced to migrate to teleworking environments. This research can contribute to rapid digital transformations to realize digitalization in global enterprises and further overcome the COVID19 virus problem.

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