Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems


This study focuses on medication management robotic system (MMR) in home health care, which is part of a complex medication management system that in addition to patients, their families, care personnel, municipal health and social care managers, and technology also includes prescribers and dispensing pharmacies. Successful medication management requires communication, coordination and effective information sharing among the network actors and across different settings. Information ecology perspective is used to describe and understand the whole system, the network of people, technology, and information systems, as well as the impact of MMR system on patients and caregiv- ers’ relationships, roles, and responsibilities. This qualitative case study aimed to explore the impact of implementation and deployment of MMR system, as part of a pilot project in municipal eldercare in the south of Sweden. This research work elucidates the holis- tic perspective of medication management system for home care services, and highlights the processes and situational complexities, as well as the role of the personnel and key stakeholders involved in these processes. This research work is in line with UN’s sustaina- ble development goals to develop a reliable, sustainable and resilient regional infrastruc- ture, to support human well-being, with a focus on affordable and equitable access for all.