The Covid-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on the world, with the education sector seeing considerable disruption. The practice of social distancing and mandatory lockdowns resulted in the near total closure of schools and universities in many countries across the globe. This led to the need for many institutions to conduct their classes online. There are many examples of how universities transitioned to online teaching during the pandemic, however, this paper will contribute to the body of knowledge by sharing the experiences of academic staff in an international offshore campus in South East Asia. Based on experience, the challenges and benefits of online education are discussed from the perspectives of students, parents and lecturers. Furthermore, the paper elucidates the use of an online framework to provide institution-wide support, enhance the benefits of online learning and mitigate its pitfalls. Reflections from lecturers offer insights running an online class with this framework. The authors recommend the use of an institution wide framework and support to facilitate a smooth transition to online classes and promote long-term sustainability of online learning. Authentic assessments also play a pivotal role in online learning.