The use of social networking media has proliferated in organizations to meet many organizational goals such as marketing, reputation management, and employee recruitment. With communication being an integral component in motivating employees, the use of social networking media has the potential to strengthen employee morale and motivation within an organization. Due to social networking media being a relatively new phenomenon that is still in a nascent and evolving stage of development in society, there is little empirical research on all of the possible impacts it has on organizations. The proposed research will explore the correlations, if any, between expatriate employees’ use of social networking media and motivation of employees in regards to higher perceived organizational support and decreased turnover. High turnover is an issue that companies deal with in regard to its repatriate employees and has a significant impact on the bottom line of a company’s profits and on the development of its employees for long-term strategic growth. It is expected that the usage of social networking media by expatriate employees who interact more often with peers and supervisors will create a higher sense of perceived organizational support, thus leading to lower turnover intentions with those employees.