Track Co-Chairs
Abhishek Kathuria, Indian School of Business
Ilan Oshri, University of Auckland Business School
Adrian Yeow, Singapore University of Social Sciences

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Tuesday, July 2nd

Challenges and Approaches in Developing Multidimensional Maturity Models in the Context of Digital Transformation

Alexander Sprengel, Aalen University
Patrick Sven Ulrich, Aalen University

From Communication to Motivation: Leveraging Scaling Agility for IT-Business Alignment

Julian Frey, University of Bamberg
Nikola Finze, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
Axel Hund, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences
Daniel Beimborn, University of Bamberg

Key Ambidextrous IT Governance Mechanisms Influence on Digital Transformation and Organizational Performance in Indonesian Banking and Insurance

Rahmat Mulyana, Stockholm University
Lazar Rusu, Stockholm University
Erik Perjons, Stockholm University

Smart City Governance with Socio-technical Systems Theory: A Case Study and Analytical Framework of Shenzhen in China

Yue Zhai, university of manchester
Ping Gao, The University of Manchester

The Impact of Delegation Mechanism on the Governance of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Changjian Lu, Dalian University of Technology
Zhiyong Liu, Dalian University of Technology
Peining He, Dalian University of Technology

Toward a Configurational Theory of IT Governance Process Capabilities

Dinh Khoi Nguyen, Open University of the Netherlands
Tim Huygh, Open University of the Netherlands
Anant Joshi, Maastricht University
Steven De Haes, University of Antwerp-Antwerp Management School

Towards a Maturity Model for Adopting Low-Code Development Platforms

Niculin Prinz, Konstanz University of Applied Sciences
Stephan Zimmermann, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg