Track Chairs
Daning Hu, Ph.D., Southern University of Science and Technology
Alvin Leung, Ph.D., City University of Hong Kong


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Tuesday, July 2nd

Acceptance and Use of Blockchain-Based Social Media Platforms: An Empirical Study


Better Than Ever? Analyzing The Impact of Change in Consensus Mechanism On Market Liquidity For Ethereum

Frédéric Tronnier, Goethe-University Frankfurt
Aleksandar Stoev, Barclays
Peter Hamm, Goethe University
Sascha Löbner, Goethe University

Evaluating the Short-Term Economic Impacts of FinTech Innovations: A Focus on Cryptocurrencies and CBDCs

Kyuree Jeon, Sungkyunkwan university
Eunil Jo, Meritz Insurance
Seungwon Kim, Bank of Korea
Ayoung Suh, Sungkyunkwan University

Exploring the Market Impact of Web3 Identity Imitation in Ethereum Name Service

Ping Fan Ke, Singapore Management University
Yi Meng Lau, Singapore Management University

Impact of Financial APIs on the Trade Outcomes of Retail Investors

Bongjin Sohn, Korea University Business School
Ziru Li, 1990
Gunwoong Lee, Korea University Business School

Stimulating the First Trade: Untangling the Relationship between Metaverse Non-fungible Token Design Complexity and Initial Trade Likelihood

Mingsong Zhai, University of Nottingham Ningbo China
Zhao Cai, University of Nottingham Ningbo China
C.W. (David) W. Phang, University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus

What Motivates Metaverse Consumers to Purchase Virtual Assets? A Study on the Perceived Value of NFT Art

Xinyi Yang, Tampere University
Nannan Xi, Tampere University
Juho Hamari, Tampere University