PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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This research explores idea quality and the number of submitted ideas on idea crowdsourcing platforms for new product development (NPD) from two perspectives: individuals’ past performance (average quality of past ideas) and interaction with peers’ ideas (attention intensity and attention focus quality). By drawing on the creativity, attention, and crowdsourcing literatures, we argue that attention to peers’ ideas could stimulate new ideas and discourage users from submitting lower quality ideas. We also suggest that there is an inverted U-shape relationship between the average quality of past ideas and idea quality and the number of submitted ideas in idea crowdsourcing platforms for NPD that suggests users with the ability to generate high-quality ideas reduce their effort after the quality of their ideas passes a point (goal attainment). Using the data collected from Lego Ideas, we find support for most of our hypotheses. Our findings have several theoretical and practical implications.


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