PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Online review sites use community recognition (badges, titles, etc.) to encourage reviewer contribution. It is worthwhile to investigate the effect of such recognition on subsequent reviewer contribution, especially on the quality of online reviews. In this study we examine how receiving recognition influences qualitative aspects of online reviews, namely, depth, expressiveness of sentiments, and language proficiency. Expecting recognition to act as a social reinforcer we hypothesize positive effect of recognition on all three quality outcomes in post-recognition phase. Using real empirical data from a popular online review website, we employ complex text mining techniques to extract review sentiments and language proficiency. Further, we use pre-post quasi-experiment across groups of recognized and similar unrecognized reviewers. We observe significant increase in all three quality outcomes for the recognized reviewers while no change in outcomes for the unrecognized group. Our study offers practical insights to managers and moderators of online review communities.


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