PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Group buying is increasingly gaining popularity by allowing consumer-initiated models in the manner of small-size groups. With a lower threshold to make a group, the consumer who initiated (i.e., initiator) a group buying is now more easily influenced by the behavior of the co-participants. Drawing on the expectancy disconfirmation theory, we suggest that the response speed of the co-participant is indeed a performance cue, which may affect the consumer’s perceived disconfirmation and post-purchase regret. To enhance the understanding of consumer post-purchase regret, this paper investigates how the response speed of the co-participants coupled with deal popularity and expected discounts of the group deals affect the initiator post-purchase regret. Our findings suggest that a slower response speed of the co-participant is associated with a higher likelihood for initiator post-purchase regret in two-person group-buying. Moreover, with higher deal popularity and higher expected discounts, such an effect would be amplified.


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