PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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The ubiquity of information technology and the velocity of technological advancements threatens the existence of organizations. As a response, they invest in tremendous transformative actions, referred to as digital transformation (DT). Despite the increasing relevance of DT, we still miss an operationalization to advance DT theory and evaluate the progress of an organization’s transformative efforts. Through a literature review, we determine four perspectives and 15 sub-perspectives to address DT’s socio-technical character. Furthermore, we analyze literature from various disciplines to derive a motivation, definition, and operationalization examples for each perspective. Thereby, we discover that the level and type of operationalization strongly varies across the perspectives. Researchers can use the proposed perspectives, constructs, and operationalization examples as a starting point for the development of more sophisticated measurement models and DT theory. Practitioners can use them to evaluate the progress and success of a DT in their own organization.


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