PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Social commerce remedies the shortcomings of traditional e-commerce in attracting users. Researchers have discussed the intention of using social commerce, including platform technology and trust. As new technology and model, the innovative attributes of social commerce that have an important impact on the user intention are little attention. From a social perspective, researchers mainly focus on subjective norms, ignoring the important role of the critical mass of social influence. This manuscript examines these factors from the diffusion of innovations and social influence that might influence behavioral intentions of social commerce. 1007 samples have been collected by questionnaire. The results show that factors – perceived relative advantage, compatibility, and observability in Diffusion of Innovations, subjective norm, critical mass in social influence, and trust – are effective predictors. The findings of the empirical study further provide a new understanding of the phenomenon of innovation and social influence in technology adoption in general.


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