PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Business analytics (BA) is a critical element of the fourth industrial revolution, transforming the worldwide manufacturing landscape. BA improves the speed and quality of decision-making in companies. However, adopting BA systems is complex, with 77% of Fortune 1000 companies reporting challenges with their implementations. It thus would be crucial to learn from companies that have been unsuccessful in their BA adoption to mitigate against future such failures. Underpinned by attribution theory, this research conducted a case study of a Malaysian manufacturer to discover the perceived causes of the company’s failed BA implementation. Eight perceived causes were identified, categorized as external or internal locus of causality, permanent or temporary, and volitional or non-volitional action. These findings would form an invaluable base to develop and conceptualize a BA failure-mitigation framework to add to the body of attribution theory knowledge and guide practitioners and policy-makers.


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