PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Digitalization of education with the COVID-19 outbreak has created complicated issues for tertiary education, where profound changes to education delivery have been identified. Consequently, this rapid shift from face-to-face to virtual has made learners resist the change and prefer to be in their status quo. However, this comprehensive acknowledgment shows an absence of focus on SQB and digitalized education. In light of this context, this short paper presents a formative a-priori model and a survey design that orchestrates the key constructs to address SQB in digitalized education and test afterward. Grounded in the Status Quo Bias theory, it delivers a valuable and pragmatic assessment based on replies derived from the hermeneutic literature review. Our future work will test the proposed model's hypotheses that explain the learner status quo bias on digitalized education and form a theoretical base for future research.


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