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What information systems and rules need to be designed to ensure that the daily records of the days under the COVID-19 pandemic stored in social networking sites are passed on to the future generations?The records of the worldwide Spanish flu pandemic a 100 years ago were on paper diaries, letters, and printedphotographs. These records have been inherited by families or are left in museums, and helps us learn about life during those days by going through them. Then,what are the daily and personal records in the modern era concerning COVID-19 since 2020? Records of daily life, people’s emotions, and their experiences of fighting infectious diseases are shared with others on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites. There is a lot of data, not just text and photos intentionally posted by individuals, but also information from smartphones, smartwatches, and other devices, changes in physical condition, search history, and where they have gone - or not gone due to lockdown. These are the exact data on which the behavior of people in a pandemic is recorded.



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