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How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) transform knowledge work? In the current era of rapid technology advancement, AI along with machine learning, deep learning, big data and other digital technology are argued to revolutionise various areas in organisations. The information systems (IS) discipline also views AI as an ever-improving frontier of computational advancements (Berente et al. 2021). Driven by these developments, we argue that research needs to further investigate the transformative impact of AI in general, and illuminate on the transformation of knowledge work practices in particular. Our work therefore investigates how AI shapes knowledge work, what the implications on knowledge workers are, but also aims to consider possibilities for future work and knowledge management. Our work is driven by two critical gaps in knowledge. First, extant studies fail to provide a clear understanding of AI capabilities and its role in knowledge work and what areas of knowledge work have been impacted by AI. This also follows growing calls for new theoretical developments and empirical studies on the nuanced developments in intelligence augmentation that could unfold the complexity of humans and machines collaboration (Teodorescu et al. 2021). Second, despite the academic narrative evolving, the growing capability of AI technologies is taking place at a rate faster than IS researchers are able to apprehend. Most importantly, the gaps in knowledge on how AI experts and domain experts within organizations leverage human-AI hybrid capabilities to transform knowledge work is widening at an increasing rate. Consequently, question of how this AI- driven transformation affects the nature of knowledge work and knowledge work in complex organizational contexts demands further attention to support organizations to proactively manage this transformation.



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