PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Personalized interventions using wearables and mobile apps to improve users’ physical activity (PA) show promising results. The appropriate timing of such digital interventions is vital to achieve the target behaviors. Yet, there is a lack of understanding and theory-driven research on how to personalize the timing of such PA interventions. Motivated thus, we draw on circadian rhythm theory for our intervention design, which proposes that individuals prefer activities during specific time periods of the day. We built an app that personalizes PA intervention timing according to this preference (called chronotype). To examine its effect, we designed a 3-arm randomized control trial (RCT) with matched timing, unmatched timing, and fixed timing intervention groups. The results of the pilot RCT show significant improvement in app usage and walking time for treatment groups as compared to the fixed timing control group. We outline the contributions and future research plans for our study.


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