PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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IT governance (ITG) structures, processes, and relational mechanisms play an important role in supporting organisations' digital transformations (DT). However, traditional ITG mechanisms might no longer be valid. Unfortunately, few studies have investigated this phenomenon. Previously, a systematic literature review based on top rank journals and conference proceedings has identified 28 ITG mechanisms influencing DT. A Delphi study was conducted to validate these mechanisms to examine perceived experiences among Indonesian banking and insurance industry experts. The results provide the researchers and practitioners with a validated and extended list of 46 ITG mechanisms that influence DT, including 20 structures, 21 processes, and 5 relational mechanisms. Moreover, the results include a perceived ranking of the effectiveness and ease of implementation of the ITG mechanisms. Finally, the paper presents the top ten important ITG mechanisms, which could be used as a baseline toward a successful DT journey for banking and insurance organisations.


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