PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Data cooperatives are a fast-emerging type of platform cooperatives, which collect and aggregate members’ data for their collective benefits. Compared to other data governance structures, members of data cooperatives own the data and democratically manage all data rights. The research on data cooperatives is still scarce in the IS and wider literature. The absence of any common classification of data cooperatives impedes our understanding of this rapidly emerging data governance alternative. The main objective here is to demonstrate a multi-dimensional taxonomy of data cooperatives. To develop the taxonomy, we retrieved 17 data cooperatives from the Platform Cooperativism Consortium and the related literature, and applied the widely-used taxonomy development method by Nickerson and colleagues. Four data cooperative archetypes emerged from the resulting multidimensional taxonomy. The proposed taxonomy can serve as a starting point for exploring and understanding different data cooperatives, paving the way for future IS research in this yet-to-be-explored domain.


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