PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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The booming of online platforms has attracted increasing interest of academia in cross-platform spillover of product consumption and information diffusion. However, little is known about the cross-platform spillover from content consumption to service adoption. In this study, we focus on how physicians’ content creation in Tik Tok influences patients’ demands, comments and satisfaction towards the physicians in online health communities. Using a combination of difference-in-differences and multi-equation system approaches, we find that the physicians’ content creation in TikTok has a positive spillover effect on the volume of patients’ orders and comments, but a negative effect on ratings. We also find that the awareness effect is the underlying mechanism for the increase of volume, while the decrease of valence is driven by attention distraction. Our findings enrich the previous literature on spillover across platforms and help physicians and online health communities reap benefits from inter-platform impacts and obtain sustainable development accordingly.


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