PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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The prevalence of Communities of Practice Platforms (CoPs) enables learners to acquire practical skillsets corresponding to their interests. However, the effects of online pedagogical content design on kinesthetic learning remains underexplored. To this end, we extend extant literature by advancing content richness and structure clarity as antecedents influencing kinesthetic learners’ digestibility of contents, culminating in differential kinesthetic learning outcomes. To validate our hypothesized relationships, we collected data from a leading Chinese recipe sharing platform. Whereas content richness is measured in terms of its readability, verb richness, and prototypicality, structure clarity is operationalized as block structure, block quantity and block regularity. Employing a machine learning model, we simulated and tested learners’ digestibility of a recipe containing both image and text. Plans for future research beyond this short paper are also discussed.


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