PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Facing rapidly changing markets, firms need to develop marketing agility to respond to the markets. However, marketing agility involves marketing decisions that often rely on the marketing department, rather than top management, to initiate and execute. Thus, this study, based on the theory of organizational alignment and resource orchestration theory, proposes that firms need to facilitate the alignment between marketing and non-marketing departments (i.e., marketing-operations alignment) by developing marketing resource orchestration capability. Further, we argue IT collaboration capability (i.e., inter-department collaboration tools and applications) and advanced analytics capability (i.e., analytics tools with machine learning algorithms) can help firms to enable marketing-operations alignment and marketing resource orchestration capability respectively. Based on a sample of 155 Taiwanese service firms, a model with five hypotheses is empirically tested using the PLS analysis. Our preliminary results support our arguments.


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