PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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In the modern era, AI has revolutionized eHealth applications. For instance, existing systems could automate complex decisions or tasks performed by medical personnel and deliver within seconds. However, AI is not just about making everything automatic but seeking the balance between the usefulness of automation which might remain meaningful for the human to participate. This combination, Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) could produce ideal solutions and powerful intelligent systems. HITL disperses into numerous fields but relatively limited applications are proposed related to healthcare. In this research, we systematically reviewed forty-one (41) articles and analysed the usage and effectiveness of the HITL concept in eHealth applications while identifying the benefits and limitations. Although HITL design was used in a considerable number of eHealth applications to increase performance, still there are some barriers such as the emotional impact on active learning and time-consuming. Furthermore, we provide future directions for utilizing HITL successfully in eHealth systems.


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