PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Global connectivity and IT in China are rapidly expanding, meaning research is needed into the management of Chinese IT teams in cross-cultural environments. The literature has addressed cross-cultural management in China and IT outsourcing in China. However, it has not investigated the cross-cultural management of insourced Chinese IT teams. Moreover, the literature has rarely focused on the critical success factors (CSFs) of managing these teams and their benefits. Thus, a qualitative study of an Australian company operating in China investigated the CSFs and their benefits. Four CSFs were found: training, relationship-building, cultural exchange and people. Furthermore, the CSFs were seen to be beneficial in improving working approaches, cultural understanding, relationships, cooperation, confidence, communication, skills development, resourcing and understanding of foreign perspectives. These findings give researchers a foundation to build upon in future research. Moreover, organizations are provided with crucial insights into successfully managing insourced Chinese IT teams in cross-cultural environments.


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