PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Brands tend to influence the consumption decision-making of customers by controlling the content they see in the user-generated content communities. Considering the significant effects of source credibility on information adoption, it is crucial to understand how the use of professional terms (i.e., jargon) in posts influences the perception of source credibility and consequently impacts the effectiveness of persuasion. To test our conceptual model, we conduct a 2 (jargon use: jargon, no-jargon) × 2 (recommender identity: beauty blogger, common user) between-subject experimental design and employ SPSS and PLS approaches to analyze the data from 212 respondents. The results suggest that jargon use not only has negatively indirect effects on doubt through competence-based source credibility and then through trustworthiness-based source credibility, but also has positively indirect effects on doubt through the two dimensions of source credibility respectively. Moreover, customer expertise moderates the relationship between jargon use and trustworthiness-based source credibility.


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