PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Building innovation capabilities through IT investment has long been a focal research interest in organization studies. However, most existing studies focused on listed firms in the private sector and views IT as a standalone resource without considering complementary investment bundles. Our study attempts to understand if, and under what combination of conditions, digital investment can support the innovation capabilities of large public hospitals. We use the Resource-Based View to identify the complementary investment and organizational factors. Our work provides a more fine-grained classification of IT investment, divided into clinical IT investment (CIT), business IT investment (BIT), and IT outsourcing services investment (SERV). With a sample of 114 studied cases, including 56 large public hospitals, results which are achieved through the methodological tool fsQCA show that under different combinations of complementary factors the significance of different kinds of IT investment varies, with specific configurations leading to high levels of innovation capabilities.


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