PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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In light of psychological reactance theory, this study examines the effect of emotional appeals and restrictions on physical mobility on information propagation in social media. Utilizing traditional regression models and motif analysis, this study successfully examined these effects at two levels: individual-tweet level and network level. The results indicate that 1) tweets with emotional appeals can attract more retweets at both level; 2) restriction on physical mobility negatively affect retweetability at the individual-tweet level but promote information propagation at the network level; 3) restriction on mobility negatively influence the effect of emotional appeals at individual-tweet level; 4) however, at the network level, restriction on mobility negatively influence the effect of positive emotional appeals but positively influence the effect of negative emotional appeals. This study offers a new structural perspective to examine information propagation in the online community during a pandemic and enriches the literature on emergency communication and disaster recovery.


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