PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Since managing E-Procurement processes via technology is considered as crucial, the exploration of contemporary technology has become a chief concern for organizations. One technology that has emerged as a relevant medium to electronically conduct business is Augmented Reality (AR). However, while AR has taken a foothold in E-Commerce, it seems that it has not yet established itself as a relevant technology in E-Procurement. Therefore, this study emphasizes current challenges that persist in E-Procurement as well as whether and how AR may be capable of addressing these challenges based on expert interviews. The results reveal several challenges pertaining to the organization, technology, and quality of E-procurement systems, for which this study provides a discourse on how AR may be used to overcome these challenges. However, whether AR diffuses in E-Procurement depends on the ability to integrate AR in existing systems, user education and flow, and the availability of virtual product replicas.


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