PACIS 2022 Proceedings

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Although it is imperative for sellers to simultaneously and dynamically use multiple platform-based functions (PBFs) to improve sales performance in e-marketplaces, little is known about the temporal nature of repertoire complexity in influencing sales performance over time. Moreover, existing studies have overlooked the potential curvilinear effects of sellers’ repertoire complexity on sales performance. Extending the competitive dynamic literature on temporal changes in competitive repertoire and action sequences to the context, this study conceptualizes two dimensions of repertoire complexity in the e-marketplace, repertoire diversity (i.e., horizontal nature) and repertoire variability (i.e., vertical nature), and proposes a research model that incorporates their curvilinear effects on sales performance. A 10-month longitudinal dataset of 1060 sellers in the Taobao apparel industry was employed to test the proposed research model. The findings suggest a nuanced understanding of PBF repertoire characteristics. The research and practical implications are discussed


Paper Number 1280



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