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Big Blue Button (BBB) as an online learning tool used by higher education institutes to deliver remote teaching, where students can connect with their lecturers via virtual learning environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the BBB tool was intensely utilized by HEI in South Pacific for remote teaching. BBB enables online live sessions, which enables the lecturers to hold classes and students to actively participate. The paper analyses student BBB session log data to quantify the effectiveness of using BBB remote teaching tool in online and face-to-face course, where BBB sessions and study mode were predictors of student performance in an Information Systems course. Various statistical analysis such as normality test, correlation analysis and multiple linear regression on a sample of 192 student interaction and performance data. The analysis shows both BBB sessions and study mode have statistical significant effect on students’ final marks. The study proposes a multiple linear regression model using two measurements to predict the final mark of students. In future work, similar research is recommended in other disciplines with other human centered variables that could mediate BBB teaching tools effect on student performance. Lastly another future research direction is exploring academics perceptions and attitudes towards using BBB as remote teaching tool in Higher Education.



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