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Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are progressively being incorporated into our personal and professional lives. The purpose of this research is to investigate the influence of intelligent personal assistants (IPAs) on work-life practices. IPAs are intelligent applications that automate and perform routine tasks and/or provide personalised actionable insights and recommendations to assist users in monitoring, managing, and improving their work-life outcomes. IPAs have lately piqued the curiosity of academics and practitioners. However, little progress has been achieved in establishing theoretical and empirical understandings of the influence of IPAs in the workplace. This study draws on the IPA literature and the practice-based perspective to develop a conceptual framework for understanding the transformational impact of the worker-IPA interaction on work-life practices. The study aims to add to the corpus of research on human-AI collaboration by providing insights into the positive and negative effects of such partnerships on present and future work-life practices.



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