PACIS 2021 Proceedings

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In this study, we developed and tested a model examining the impact of environmental and technological stressors on academic cyberloafing, specifically interactive and noninteractive cyberloafing. We further examined the relationship between cyberloafing and in-class engagement (attention and absorption), as well as the mediating effect of cyberloafing on the relationships between the stressors and engagement. Data were collected through an online survey of 200 undergraduate students from a large university in Asia. Findings showed that only environmental stressor was positively related to interactive cyberloafing. Both stressors were positively related to non-interactive cyberloafing. Interactive cyberloafing was negatively related with, while non-interactive cyberloafing was positively related with engagement. Overall, non-interactive cyberloafing mediated all relationships between the stressors and both dimensions of engagement, while interactive cyberloafing only mediated the relationship between environmental stressor and absorption. Our results suggest that some cyberloafing activities can be rejuvenating for students. Implications for research and practice are discussed



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