PACIS 2021 Proceedings

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Firm-hosted open innovation platforms (OIPs) enable multidirectional communication and interaction between users, and they have become a vital IT artifact that absorbs external resources for enterprise innovation. A key challenge for OIPs is how to motivate users’ idea contributions. Based on the SIAM model, we propose hypotheses regarding the spillover effects of user interactions (i.e., help giving and help seeking) on innovation performance (i.e., the quantity and quality of ideas). Using a dataset from a typical OIP, we employ two empirical studies to investigate the spillover effects of user interactions and their characteristics, including breadth and depth, on innovation performance. Our results confirm the existence of spillover effects and reveal a positive effect of interaction breadth and a nonlinear effect of interaction depth on innovation. Notably, the nonlinear relationship can be moderated by the interaction breadth. Our findings provide both theoretical and practical implications for user innovation and OIP operations



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