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Job insecurity is increasingly prevalent among IT/IS employees in the modern workforce because of the rapid development of IT. This study aims to examine how job insecurity drives IT employees’ strain and presenteeism—an activity that is costly for organizations. We will develop and test a two-dimensional cognitive appraisal model in the context of IT employees. The research model differentiates between types of appraisals, and proposes a technology characteristic-stressor-appraisal-emotion-strain-presenteeism relationship. We propose that job insecurity may be appraised as both a challenge and a threat. Challenge and threat appraisals lead to IT employees’ job strain through positive and negative emotions. In addition, job strain increases IT employees’ presenteeism. We further propose that the pace of IT change leads to job insecurity and their relationship is moderated by IT employees’ resilience. This study will empirically test the model with data collected from 300 IT employees in Taiwan



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