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Online health consultation plays an important role in alleviating the urban-rural health disparities, reducing time and fee cost, and enabling doctor-patient interaction. However, recent research focuses on the interaction between doctor and patient as well as the healthcare service quality on the platform. The impact of health insurance policy on the online health platform is not fully understood. Therefore, we use a multi-stage DID model to examine the effect of implementing a new health insurance policy on patients’ online health consultation behavior as well as the quality of healthcare service. Our findings indicate that (1) the implementation of a new health insurance policy would increase patients’ online health consultation, especially the consultation coming from non-capital city of the province and the consultation received by doctors working in capital city (2) the implementation of a new health insurance policy would improve the online healthcare service quality (the service empathy). Doctors in the non-capital city would show more service empathy after the new health insurance policy. Patients coming from the non-capital city would receive more service empathy after the policy. Our finding provides some insights to all stakeholders including policymakers, online platforms, hospitals, doctors, and patients.



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