PACIS 2020 Proceedings


New ventures rapidly become established industry disrupters due to the prevalence of digital technology. A growing literature has articulated the importance of pivotings to explain the success of new ventures. Existing research mainly highlights the antecedent of pivotings from the individual perspective, such as founders’ cognition; it has yet to be addressed from the organizational level. Digital resource orchestration paves a potential way for new ventures to embrace pivotings. Based on an inductive case study of a digital venture in the floral industry, we investigate how digital resource orchestration that allows the organization to conduct continuous pivotings. In particular, we critically trace three mechanisms of digital resource orchestration that drives pivotings and develop a conceptual model to conceptualize the process through which digital firms evolve from a new venture to an industrial disrupter. This model offers significant implications to the literature on digital entrepreneurship and pivotings for new ventures.



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