PACIS 2020 Proceedings


While big data analytics (BDA) is known to help firms better understand their market and develop competitiveness, only a few can achieve business value through it. This issue is often blamed on the poor ability of most firms to translate BDA-based insights into action. Our study helps firms address this issue by proposing “learning culture” that encourages not only acquisition of knowledge but also behavior change, thereby translating knowledge into action. To do so, we apply learning culture to BDA context to assess applicability of existing dimensions of learning culture and also explore new potential dimensions. We validated our research through extensive literature reviews and in-depth interviews with nine firms. Consequently, we confirmed applicability of existing dimensions and discovered a new dimension: “learning of ignorance.” We expect our findings to serve as a step toward “BDA learning culture” that encourages organization members to learn and adapt to BDA-based knowledge.



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