PACIS 2020 Proceedings


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Security protocols are a crucial point of more complicated communication protocols that are responsible for keeping security during data transmission in computer networks. From a security point of view, proper verification of such protocols properties is a significant challenge. In the last decades, many concepts and connected with them verification tools were developed and successfully used for checking protocols correctness conditions. In this area of research, much attention is paid for suitable methods of protocols modelling and a low as possible a computational complexity of algorithms used. The last property is important because it allows practical use of such structures and algorithms for automatic verification. Adding timestamps for protocols schemes caused a need for time modelling in solutions of security protocols verification. Time models added into considerations introduce more complicated structures and increase the complexity of structures and algorithms used in the verification process. According to this, there is still a need of looking for more and more efficient ways for modelling of untimed versions of the protocols, for which adding time will be effective from the verification process point of view. In this paper, we propose a new method for modelling and verification of untimed security protocols properties. We present an idea, examples, an algorithm and experimental results for several protocols. We also compare our results with the best, well-known verification tools.



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