PACIS 2020 Proceedings


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Developments in the field of talent management have been noteworthy for some time now. Talent management systems (TMS) which were an offshoot of the emergent needs, represent an integrated set of analytical tools for the creation and management of talents. Despite some excitement around TMS, the literature records deficiencies in relation to how these systems are conceptualized, applied or used in organizational contexts. This research attends to this gap by proposing an examination of the issues pertaining to TMS usage in practice. The investigation uses the qualitative research tradition involving semi-structured interviews with practitioners having experience with TMS. The initial findings reveal the nature of TMS, five key challenges (i.e., functionality, integration, analytics, reporting, and customization), and specific opportunities related to TMS usage in organizations. The final results offer possibilities of both theoretical and practical contributions which are also delineated.



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