PACIS 2020 Proceedings


Organizations increasingly collaborate in digital ecosystems, whilst being aware that data is becoming a key asset. They require improved data control capabilities that prevent their shared data from being misused. Currently, such capabilities are typically realized as situation-specific closed ecosystem solutions in a ‘hub-model’ approach. This, however, hinders adoption of inter-organizational data sharing as end-users are faced with potential customer lock-in and major integration efforts to manage data sovereignty, trust and security over multiple data sharing relationships. As alternative, an open ‘network-model’ approach provides end-users a single entry-point for simultaneously controlling data sharing over multiple relationships with clear operational advantages in user-friendliness, complexity, efficiency and costs. However, it poses strong interoperability requirements on the legal concepts of data sharing agreements and usage contracts (terms-of-use). This paper contributes to the development of the network-model by identifying and assessing architectural options for realizing interoperability on the legal concepts for controlled data sharing.



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