PACIS 2020 Proceedings


Voice-Activated Smart Phone Assistants (VASPA) have, in the recent past, assumed the identity of the most common forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI). VASPA, as an application in the education settings both at pedagogy and andragogy levels, continues to find acceptance. This research focuses on Students' confirmation of expectation and satisfaction with the performance of the VASPAs. An empirical study at one of the leading Canadian Universities will be carried out. Data will be collected through the help of a post-use questionnaire. The questionnaire will be administered after a lecture scenario of 3-5 minutes about a Student's topic of interest. Students will be allowed to select any of their preferred VASPAs, out of the following three: Siri, Google Assistant, and Bixby. Empirical findings will be presented, along with the implications for both the teachers and students. We will also discuss the possible future research directions for VASPAs.



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