PACIS 2020 Proceedings


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While big data analytics (BDA) is considered as a revolution that transforms the way firms do business, little is known about how BDA contributes to organizational agility. To address this, this study conceptualizes the relationship between BDA competency and organizational agility. Specifically, we conducted a systematic literature review on agility studies from the view of information systems (IS) resources (outside-in, spanning, and inside-out), in which we view IS resources as a mediator that relates BDA competency and organizational agility. Consequently, we provide a theoretical framework demonstrating processes that translate BDA competency into organizational agility. The contributions of this study are to (1) provide a comprehensive overview about agility studies from IS resources view; (2) suggest a theoretical framework that epitomizes how BDA competency increases agility through the mediation of IS resources; (3) provide a feasible guideline for agility research community about how BDA competency can drive organizational agility.



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