PACIS 2019 Proceedings


This study adopted protection motivation theory, construal-level theory, and regulatory focus theory to build a model to understand the effects of information security advocacy. The purposes are as follows: first, understand the impacts on the threat/coping appraisals that different construal-level of security warning messages have. Second, understand the impacts on the information security compliance intention that threat/coping appraisals have. Lastly, understand the moderating effects of different regulatory foci on the relationship between different construallevel of warning messages and the threat/coping appraisals or between the threat/coping appraisals and the compliance intention. In this study, the experimental method and survey are employed. Eight different scenarios related to mobile phone authority setting are designed to proceed with the experiments. At the beginning of this experiment, the participants will be manipulated to a particular regulatory focus (prevention or promotion), then be assigned to one of eight scenarios randomly.