PACIS 2019 Proceedings


This study examineshow solutionexemplarsthat seekers providein crowdsourcing ideation contestsaffect the scanning, shortlisting, and selection of ideas by solvers; thesethreeideation activities are essential layersin the Knowledge Reuse for Radical Innovation model.Specifically, we consider the role of confirmation bias in solvers’ behaviors and their use of seeker exemplarsinthe ideation activities. We posit that solvers’ use of exemplars is affected by the extent to which the exemplars are consistent with solvers’ prior beliefand by different considerations in different ideation activities. The results from a crowdsourcing ideationcontest experiment largely support our theorizing, as we find that problem-related and problem-unrelated seeker exemplars affecteddifferent ideation activitiesdifferently. This research contributes insights into seeker involvements and solver behaviors in crowdsourcing ideation contests and offers practical implications for seekers.