DevOps, originated in the context of agile software development, seems an appropriate approach to enable the continuous delivery and deployment of working software in small releases. Organizations are taking significant interest in adopting DevOps ways of working. The interest is there, however the challenge is how to effectively adopt DevOps in practice? Before disembarking on the journey of DevOps, there is a need to clearly understand the DevOps concepts, practice, tools, benefits and underlying challenges. Thus, in order to address the research question in hand, this paper adopts a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) approach to identify, review and synthesize the relevant studies published in public domain between: 2010-2016. SLR approach was applied to initially identify a set of 450 papers. Finally, 30 of 450 relevant papers were selected and reviewed to identify the eight key DevOps concepts, twenty practices, and a twelve categories tools. The research also identified seventeen benefits of using DevOps approach for application development and encountered four known challenges. The results of this review will serve as a knowledge base for researchers and practitioners, which can be used to effectively understand and establish the integrated DevOps capability in the local context.