Recently, “platform ecosystem” has received attention as a key business concept. Sustainable growth of platform ecosystems is enabled by platform users supplying and/or demanding content from each other: e.g. Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. The importance and value of user data in platform ecosystems is accentuated since platform owners use and sell the data for their business. Serious concern is increasing about data misuse or abuse, privacy issues and revenue sharing between the different stakeholders. Traditional data governance focuses on generic goals and a universal approach to manage the data of an enterprise. It entails limited support for the complicated situation and relationship of a platform ecosystem where multiple participating parties contribute, use data and share profits. This article identifies data governance factors for platform ecosystems through literature review. The study then surveys the data governance state of practice of four platform ecosystems: Facebook, YouTube, EBay and Uber. Finally, 19 governance models in industry and academia are compared against our identified data governance factors for platform ecosystems to reveal the gaps and limitations.